Your After Birth Care
Postpartum Doulas:

Dixie Cole
Myra Brooks

Dixie Cole, CPD
(719) 209-1054

~ BA in Speech & Language Pathology
~ Mother of three,
Grandmother of nine

Myra Brooks, CPD
(719) 209-1048

~BA in Art Education
~ Mother of four

After Birth Care Doulas Are:

Dixie & Myra

Our Philosophy

Postpartum doulas, a long-standing tradition in many other countries, are quickly becoming popular among American mothers. Recognizing and honoring the changes a new baby brings creates a unique time to discover the joys of having a newborn.

"At no time in history have new mothers been expected to do so much for so many with so little help. Cultures around the world have always recognized the importance of mothers and babies 'nestin-in'. A mother is presented with a doula (from the Greek word for 'one who ministers')...who specializes in mothering the mother (not the baby), relieving her of household chores and interferences that drain her energy away from her baby." (William Sears, MD, and Martha Sears, RN, The Baby Book)


"In the first...days following birth, your awareness is so intent on the baby that you may neglect your own needs... It is important for you to understand that taking good care of yourself is taking care of your baby.

"The importance of getting plenty of rest in the postpartum period cannot be stressed enough. Lack of rest will make your first weeks as a mother frustrating rather than joyful. You owe it to yourself and your baby to enjoy this precious time. Don't allow fatigue to rob you of a beautiful postpartum." (
Robin Lim, After the Baby's Birth...A Woman's Way to Wellness)

"The doula's basic role is to provide nonintrusive, nonjudgmental support... She is there to facilitate your time to settle in, relax and heal, while assuring that the familiar daily underpinnings of your life and household remain anchored as much as possible." (Sally Plasksin, Mothering the New Mother)


Dixie & Myra

“What do mothers do without someone like [our ABC Doula] for their first three months? I am a success as a new mother thanks to her.”
(First time mother)