What Our Clients Are Saying:

"It has been such a pleasure having [a doula] take care of me and my family. I plan to highly recommend this service to other moms I know!" - Elaine, mother of 4 including twins

"[The doula] helped me through a very difficult period. I cannot thank her enough." - Donna, first time mother


"[The doula] was a huge help! She provided excellent care and support to all of us during a trying and exhausting time."- Susan, mother of 2

"My baby was immediately comfortable with [the doula] and I am extremely grateful for this doula's excellent care and assistance." - Kristin, first time mother

"Excellent, knowledgeable and very helpful! An extremely caring person." - Chitra, mother of 2

"What do mothers do without someone like [our doula] for their first three months? I am a success as a new mother thanks to her." - Deb, first time mother

baby face

"We are writing to highly recommend After Birth Care's postpartum doula services to any family with a newborn or young infant. Every family has different situations and needs, but after experiencing the doula services, we believe that the partners of After Birth Care can more than adequately fit in and help any family through the tough newborn times. Because the doulas' assistance was added to our lives, we were able to experience a peace and tranquility in our family life that wouldn't have otherwise been there." - Dave and Andi, parents of 2

"The difference between my first postpartum experience - without a doula and my second, when Dixie came to help seems like night and day. With my second child, I ended my two-week postpartum period rested and relaxed, was nursing well and enjoying my baby, and my household was well maintained. Dixie's exhaustive knowledge of childcare and new-mom care was always offered with a light touch. Dixie is the kind of loving and nurturing person all new mothers deserve to have around them.

In my opinion, this service is an absolute must for new moms and their entire family." - Liz, mother of 2


"Our family benefited from these services in ways that we never thought would be possible. [The baby] was able to eat and sleep, and was able to have her mom's attention continuously as she needed. [The mother's] recovery and availability to the newborn was maximized as a result of the very careful and professional help provided by Myra L. Brooks." - Parents of teenager and infant

"The ease with which Dixie swept into our household was appreciated, so that we parents could rest, regroup, and enjoy our new family.

After she left, we missed her calm presence and constant source of after birth information and encouragement."
- Cindy, mother of 3

"Myra read books, did puzzles and played games with our very active 2 year old, Emma, while I nursed (and nursed and nursed) the baby! She involved Emma beautifully while accomplishing other household tasks, too, such as keeping us all fed and hydrated (especially important for us nursing Moms), putting together casseroles for cooking later, washing and folding laundry. The fact that Emma was happier made our whole home life flow much better, as she has always been our highest need child.
Emma still remembers "Miss Myra", and has settled in quite well to her big sister role." - Sarah, mother of 4

"What a wonderful gift we gave to ourselves and our family by having you here after Hunter's birth! We could not have asked for a smoother transition.
Myra arrived the day after we got home from the hospital, which was perfect for the family. You immediately became like a family member. We were amazed that you knew exactly what needed to be done and when to do it. You offered wonderful advice to a fourth time Mom, which is an amazing feat. We are avid readers and truly appreciated the book that you loaned us on postpartum care for mom.

We will always hold a special place in our hearts for you for the care that you showed us and our family after Hunter's arrival. Please feel free to have future clients contact us for referrals." -Thomas and Ellen, parents of 4

family & triplets

"My husband, Jim, and I are the proud, first-time parents of triplets born in March, 2000. After more than five weeks in the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, bringing home three preemie babies (all on oxygen and one on a heart/respiratory monitor) was an exciting, frightening, exhausting experience. Finding postpartum doulas, Dixie Cole and Myra Brooks, of After Birth Care was truly an answer to prayer!

Because I was still recovering from eleven weeks of bedrest and a complicated c-section surgery, nurturing and breastfeeding multiple infants were difficult and challenging prospects. Dixie was supportive in every conceivable way, fulfilling necessary household chores, tending to and educating us about our growing babies, helping me catch a much-needed nap as often as possible. Everything she did for us, as individuals and as a new family, was done conscientiously, compassionately and with respect for our unique, evolving needs, desires and goals.

I will miss Dixie and her patient, genuine, practical manner. She has been a diligent, trustworthy worker, and a cheerful, encouraging friend - both blessings for which I will be forever grateful." - Lisa, first time mother of triplets




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